25 Bible Action Songs Kids Love To Sing

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1.    I'm Gonna Sing 
2.    His Banner Over Me Is Love 
3.    Who Built The Ark 
4.    I've Got Peace Like A River 
5.    Obedience 
6.    Hinei Matov 
7.    Battle Hymn Of The Republic 
8.    We're Marching To Zion 
9.    Onward Christian Soldiers 
10.    Oh When The Saints 
11.    Joshua Fit The Battle 
12.    I Am A Christian 
13.    The Happy Day Express 
14.    Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
15.    I Like To Play 
16.    Canaan's Land 
17.    Hallelu Hallelujah 
18.    My God Is So Big 
19.    We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder 
20.    Little David (Playing On Your Harp) 
21.    Go Tell It On The Mountain 
22.    Old Man Noah 
23.    Michael Row The Boat Ashore 
24.    Peter, James And John In A Sailboat 
25.    River Of Life


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