Miss Patty Cake, Pre School Bible Songs

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Dressed in a colorful jumper, white gloves and black hat with a polka-dotted bow, there’s little question that Miss PattyCake has won the attention and hearts hundreds of thousands of toddlers and pre-school kids, Through her videos, high energy live performances and work with charities and missions, Miss PattyCake, represented by Jean Thomason, has proven to be an unusually successful real-life character in an age largely dominated by animation. But it’s Miss PattyCake’s message—one which invites children and parents alike to talk about the love of God—that makes her stand out among children’s entertainers. 

01. PattyCake Play Day            
02. In the Beginning            
03. Hullaballoo Zoo            
04. Floatin Moses            
05. Go Go Joshua            
06. 5 Loaves and 2 Fish            
07. Mighty Resurrection Day            
08. Mary's Song            
09. Very Good            
10. 10 Men            
11. So Long Song

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